Founded in 1950, Kanodia has been providing top quality products for the past six decades. At Kanodia Jewellers, we offer an extensive range of products, right from studded jewellery to sunglasses and watches, suitable for every occasion. This range flaunts both traditional Hyderabadi and designer jewellery produced in both gold and silver.

What we


We create an exquisite, wide range of hand crafted jewelry, with each piece being a tribute to the Indian culture, traditions and diversity.
At Kanodia Jewellers, there is a certain amount of work that goes down before any of our products are even capable of being sold.
We obsess over the tiniest of details, and enjoy the art we create, which results in flawless workmanship, tailored to your wants and impressively high standards of quality.



Bridal Collection

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Kundan Collection




Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend and why shouldn’t they be as they promote strength, courage and brilliance. We aim at delivering top notch quality products, at the best prices possible.
We achieve this without compromising on build quality

or attention to detail, thus, creating a sense of reliability.



Our aim is to create nothing but superior products with each of our works intricately handcrafted by our specialists who are highly trained in their respective fields.
Every piece is given an individual and exclusive treatment which makes for a unique and personalised experience.

Quality &


Each masterpiece of ours has been inspected for the tiniest of flaws with the help of cutting edge technolovvgy and only then is it approved for sale.
A number of exceptionally talented designers provide us with their skill to help design and create impeccable pieces of art.
Through decades of experience, Kanodia has created a sense of reliability in all aspects of its service.

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